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Ottumwa Sculpture Trail

Ottumwa Sculpture TrailThe City of Ottumwa approved the creation of a sculpture trail to promote and enhance the appreciation of the arts. The temporary public art display, coordinated by the Ottumwa Area Arts Council, provides an opportunity for all area residents and visitors to experience and appreciate the works of regional artists. The sculptures will enhance the beauty of the river trails and be visible from many locations. Special events will be held throughout the year to promote the enjoyment and understanding of public art. Each year, new sculptures will replace the previous exhibit.
Jardin de la PazJardin de la Paz
Best of Show Gail Chavenelle, Dubuque

Jardin de la Paz (Garden of Flowers) is the latest of Chavenelle's garden series. Her work explores a sheet of metal like a permanent sheet of paper. In the last several years, she has turned to explore heavier metal for public spaces. Her goal is to keep the same fluid, organic shapes which have been her signature style in lighter pieces. The signature image of garden flowers continues with positive/negative blossoms. The sculpture is her largest- 8' in height. She is known for her stylized sculptures in steel.
Circle of LifeCircle of Life
Hilde DeBruyne, Cumming

Born in Belgium to a family of artists, her childhood home was a museum of artifacts spanning the globe from African masks to remnants of Gothic cathedrals. Through these experiences, she developed a love for meaningful and beautiful things. Her abstract works reflect nature and the authenticity of the cycle of life. Her artwork has been in public and private collections and international exhibits. She designs artwork to be executed in clay, metal, and bronze. DeBruyne lives with her family in rural Iowa.
Seeing Through Rippling WaterSeeing Through Rippling Water
James Penn, Ottumwa

Penn's artistic roots began in Southern Missouri. The women in his life encouraged him artistically. His grandmother was an artist/antique shop owner; his mother a musician and educator. He currently lives in southeastern Iowa where he pursues his interest in music, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Penn maintains that art making is a hopeful and positive act, that civilization is uplifted by the creation of art and that magic is made when the mind, heart and soul converge.
Mika Sorak, Ottumwa

Owner and artist of Thymelyglass Studio, Mika Sorak has been creating for the last 20 years. She has studied under various artists from Iowa, Colorado and Arizona, which has lead her to where she is today. A certified welder, she has begun to expand her imagination with a number of mediums, which include not only metal but paint, glass, and anything she can learn about. She takes a step beyond mere recycled art and takes that which no one saw as a thing of beauty and turns it into something wonderful that makes another person smile. She resides in Ottumwa at her studio, constantly creating new ideas of the future.
The sculpture trail is coordinated and sponsored by the Ottumwa Area Arts Council,
John Deere Ottumwa Works and South Ottumwa Savings Bank.
Ottumwa Area Arts Council
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